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Ear Surgery

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Dr. Brian Tierney helps people improve the size, shape, and projection of their ears, with otoplasty, often called ear surgery. In Nashville, TN, he performs ear surgery on children and adults who are self-conscious about their ears, leading to a dramatic boost in confidence and well-being. Ear surgery can also improve the look of ears that have sagged or lengthened with time, as well as ears that have been damaged by trauma or surgery. Don't hide your ears beneath hair or hats any longer – ear surgery is a brief, safe procedure that can offer lifelong results.

If you would like to find out what ear surgery by Dr. Tierney can do for you, request a consultation online, or call Dr. Tierney's office at (615) 320-8585.

Don't hide your ears beneath hair or hats any longer – ear surgery is a brief, safe procedure that can offer lifelong results.

What Is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery is commonly performed to reduce the projection of the ears. This version of the surgery is sometimes called "ear pinning," and it can be performed on children as young as young as 6 years old. Ear surgery can also address the following concerns:

Your Ear Surgery

Ear surgery can be performed while the patient is under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Tierney explains his preferred approach to each patient so he or she knows what to expect. In any case, ear surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means it doesn't require an overnight stay.

Depending on the specifics of the surgery, Dr. Tierney may make an incision inside or behind the ear. In either case, these incisions will heal to very discreet scars. Once these incisions are made, Dr. Tierney removes the excess tissue that causes the ears to project. He may also reshape the cartilage to enhance or improve the natural contours of the ears.

Dr. Tierney also corrects cosmetic concerns of the earlobes, including stretched openings from earrings or gauges. During earlobe surgery, he makes a small incision on the lobe, removing excess skin if necessary, and suturing the lobe back together. It will heal in a normal shape and develop a very discreet scar that's imperceptible to most people.

Ear Surgery Recovery & Results

Immediately following ear surgery, the ears will be bandaged and dressed. It's important to leave the ears undisturbed during the initial healing process. Although most adult ear surgery patients have smooth, uneventful recoveries, young patients may need extra supervision to ensure they don't disrupt the healing process by scratching or handling their ears excessively.

Ear surgery patients are scheduled for follow-up appointments soon after surgery. At the follow-up appointment, Dr. Tierney examines the ears to evaluate their progress and may replace the dressing with a lighter, less intrusive bandage.

Most people require about a week off from work or school after ear surgery, which makes it a popular procedure in the summer months. During this week, Dr. Tierney advises patients to keep their heads upright as much as possible to minimize swelling and discomfort.

Real Patient Photos

See the beautiful results Dr. Tierney can create for you with our gallery of real patient before-and-after photos.

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Since the shape and projection of the ears are not typically affected by weight or aging, the results of ear surgery can last a lifetime, barring future trauma. In children, surgically reshaped ears will continue to develop normally and don't require later revisionary surgery.

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