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Breast Augmentation’s Big History, Part II

In our last blog post, I shared a bit about how breast augmentation became the procedure it is today. I hope you found it as fascinating as I do. This month, I’ll put that history in context by touching on 3 of the major innovations that have helped make breast augmentation the exceedingly popular, successful surgery it is today. More Options Silicone and saline remain the 2 FDA-approved materials for breast implants, but here in Nashville, TN, they’re both available in an array of different options to suit your body. For example, implants are available with both smooth or textured … Continue reading  

Breast Augmentation’s Big History, Part I

The concept of plastic and reconstructive surgery has been around for almost as long as humans have been healing each other. But these days, breast augmentation is often thought of as the field’s flagship procedure — and it has a colorful history to match its popularity. Although large breasts come and go into fashion, women have long been attempting to augment their shapes with the use of outside intervention. Early 20th century “implants” were made from an alarming array of materials, from ivory to polyester and even ox cartilage. And in the 1950s, when Playboy bunnies first arrived, women were … Continue reading  

Tummy Tuck: What About the Belly Button?

At my plastic surgery practice in Nashville, I see a lot of prospective tummy tuck patients. Throughout the process of planning their surgeries, we cover a lot of ground — from muscular repair to incision placement. But when you think about it, the belly button is really the focal point of your new midsection, and it deserves special attention to ensure it looks its best. Before we get into the specifics around the navel, let’s briefly refresh ourselves on what exactly a tummy tuck entails. Rather than just reducing excess fat around the abdomen, a tummy tuck goes deeper by … Continue reading  

What Makes Breast Augmentation Different?

Elective plastic surgery procedures share a number of common features, even if they’re being done for different areas of the face and body. For example, someone coming in for breast augmentation at my Nashville, TN practice usually wants to feel more confident and comfortable with her appearance, a motivation often matched by tummy tuck and facelift patients. But not all aesthetic plastic surgery is created equal, and breast augmentation has some unique differences — including some advantages over other procedures. Shorter recovery time: The recovery following an elective cosmetic surgery varies from patient to patient. Some people tend to bounce … Continue reading  

When Is the “Right Time” for Breast Augmentation?

When I meet women planning breast augmentation here at my Nashville, Tennessee office, the question of timing comes up again and again. In my patients’ busy lives, the “perfect” time for plastic surgery may be a very small window indeed. It’s elective, of course, so you have every reason to think through the things that might make surgery an inconvenience. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common. Pregnancy and Nursing Many, if not most, breast augmentation patients tend to be women in their 20s or 30s — their prime childbearing years. If they haven’t already had … Continue reading  

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