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7 Things You’ll Need Before Your Breast Augmentation

Learn what you'll need to prepare for breast augmentation in Nashville, TN.

I’ve heard a wide range of questions about breast augmentation from patients at my practice in Nashville, TN. But can you guess what one of the most common concerns is? You may be surprised to hear that it has nothing to do with the surgery itself, but more to do with the recovery. Patients are often concerned about the length of their recovery, the discomfort they may feel, and their ability to care for their family and friends.

These concerns are important factors to consider before undergoing an augmentation, so to help with that, I’ve prepared a list of 7 things to have ready before your breast augmentation surgery. Each of these things will help make your recovery as smooth and comfortable as possible and ensure your results meet your goals.

1. Medications

If your surgeon provides you with a prescription for pain medication or suggests an over-the-counter medication to take after your surgery, be sure to pick it up a day or 2 before you go in. That way, you’ll be prepared to manage any discomfort you feel afterward and won’t have to worry about going to the pharmacy. I personally prescribe all breast augmentation patients with a narcotic pain reliever and a muscle relaxer to ease soreness. I can also inject a pain medication at the time of the surgery, which provides relief for up to 3 days. I discuss these options with my patients at the time of their consultation. Whether you feel you have a high pain tolerance or not, having the medication on hand is a good idea. As the old saying goes, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Your doctor may also prescribe other medications such as antibiotics or supplements to lessen bruising, depending on your needs.

2. Comfortable Clothes

You’ll be tired and sore for the first few days after your surgery. Be sure to have enough clean, comfortable clothes to last you a few days without doing laundry. Sweatpants and loose fitting shirts are ideal. It’s best to have tops that button up at first, too, so you don’t have to lift your arms over your head. Ensuring that the clothes are made from soft cotton material will prevent irritation to your skin, and make your recovery more comfortable.

3. A Surgical Bra

As part of breast augmentation, I provide my patients with a soft, comfortable postoperative surgical bra. The bra is designed and created by a medical company, so the shape and material are ideal for healing. Wearing the bra will help ensure that your sutures are not irritated and that your implants heal into the proper position. You can read more about this in a question I answered on RealSelf.

4. A Babysitter

Whether for your children or pets, you should have a trusted friend, family member, or babysitter available to care for your dependents. You’ll be groggy, tired, and sore for the first few days after your surgery and won’t be able to pick up children and pets or care for them as you normally do. Give yourself some time away to recover more quickly and comfortably. It will be safer for both you and your family.

5. Prepared Meals

You’ll be drowsy and probably uncomfortable for the first few days. It’s a good idea to do some meal prep ahead of time. Prepare some nutritious meals for your fridge or freezer, and keep healthful snacks on hand. You surgeon can let you know about any foods you should avoid based on your health situation.

6. Entertainment

Recovery can get boring, especially when your body feels sore but your mind needs something to do! Set up a TV, computer, magazines, and some books to read. Put them near your bed, couch, or wherever you’ll be recovering so you won’t have to reach far to get them.

7. A Comfortable Place to Rest

This is one of the most important points in this list. Your comfort during your recovery helps determine how quickly your body heals, so make sure your area is serene and supportive. Set up some pillows in bed or on a couch where you can rest and sleep after your surgery. Make sure you’re able to sit upright in this position comfortably, because you won’t be able to sleep flat on your back for the first few nights. Ensure your place of recovery is out of the way of children and pets, so you won’t be disturbed.

To learn more about recovery after breast augmentation or any other breast surgery, visit the breast augmentation section of my website. There you’ll learn about my approach to the procedure, as well as information about cost and implant options.

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